What is the meaning of  ‘Little Jamboree’ ?
Little  Jamboree is a place where the children with a range of age between 1,5 up to 6 years old learn to build their life skills as the foundation for their future life.

Can my child start preschool throughout the year?
For our Playgroup and Kindergarten Level, we are opening the classes throughout the year as long the sits are still available. However, we suggest to join before or on the first day of school to gain the maximum result.

What if my child is not able to speak English?

Enrolling your child in Little Jamboree Playgroup and Kindergarten will provide them with lots of opportunities to learn English through activities, stories, songs, topics, lessons and interaction with other children and teachers. For sure, it will take some time for the children to absorb the English Language. At the beginning, they will start using their body gesture to communicate and we will translate their words until they begin to understand it themselves. Usually their language will arise at 4 - 5 years old.

Is there a snack time for the children?

Yes, there is. The children will have their time to eat their snacks that they brought from home together with their friends. Snack time is also an opportunity to develop independence and socialization skills.

What should I do if my child cries when I leave?

Most children will cry for few days during the separation from their parents. The time length are different for each child. It is still normal as they are going to a new environment. Give your child the understanding that now is the time for him/her to go to school and you will meet him/her after school later. For sure, with parents support and cooperation, the adaptation process will be faster. 

What should I do if my child is sick? 

Please do not send a sick child to school. If a child arrives with symptoms of illness, the child will not be permitted to stay. Children will be excluded from contact with the other children; seated with the staff at the front desk until parents can be notified. Please inform us if your child becomes ill and will not be attending that day. Kindly submitted a statement from your child’s pediatrician when your child is ready to go back to school.

Can I bring in a treat for my child’s birthday?

You may provide a treat for birthdays. We will celebrate your child's birthday using Montessori Celebration. Parents needs to prepare child's pictures since their child is still 0 (zero) years old.  If you wish to bring a special treat for your child’s birthday, please make prior arrangement with the administrator.

Can I sit in with my child in class?

During Trial period, we give the chance for parents to accompany their child in the classroom. But once they are join, we hope that parents can cooperate to give trust to school and to your child to enter the school’s gate by themselves. We believe that the children are ready and can prepare themselves when they are entering the school’s gate. The school’s gate will be closed at 08.45 am.

Does my preschooler need to be potty trained?
No.  It is a personal belief that potty training cannot be forced or hurried.  Therefore, we welcome children at any stage of their potty training journey.  Preschoolers should come with extra supplies (diapers, wipes, pull ups, extra clothes, etc).

What should my preschooler bring?

The students just need to bring their snacks, lunch (Kindergarten Level), and extra clothes. Please use a child sized school bag.

What makes Little Jamboree different with the other preschool?
The method of learning that gives each child freedom and trust to develop themselves with the guidance of the teachers who have a heart in teaching and educate young children.

What are the routines in Little Jamboree?  

They will start their routines by gathering in the classroom for a Circle Time where they can sing a song, share stories and discuss a topic and then continued by doing Paper Activity as their lesson. They will have Exploration and Snack Time where they can develop their skills and knowledge.

If I need to go abroad for 15 days and there is no one who can take care of my daughter, therefore I will bring her with me. Can I get prorate for the fee on that month? 

The obligation to pay the school’s fee is per semester (6 months). The school has facilitate parents with monthly installment, therefore we cannot give any prorate for that month.

I want to postpone my child for a month in March. Should I only need to pay for 5 months or full?
We are really sorry, even though your child will skipped the school for a month, you still need to pay full in a semester.

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